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CharmingPeople.Net acts on behalf of public personalities such as models, actors, artists and performers on all matters involving Public Relations, providing information to the media such as upcoming public events, interview opportunities, and promotional dates.

Working with editors and reporters at newspapers, magazines, trade publications, TV, radio, and thousands of popular news sites and blogs, we put into the best light our clients’ public actions.

Now, more than ever before, models, actors, artists, performers and individuals are looking to make up a media profile and this trend is not limited to celebrities. CharmingPeople.Net can help you to create and develop a media profile. It could be that you have a talent and want to share this with the world, we can put you on the map, positioning yourself as a celebrity or distributing information that you feel you should share with the media.

To most effectively create interest from print and broadcast media, we can write your personal Press Release, including professional writing and distribution in one specific Country or worldwide.

We write effective Press Releases that grab the media’s attention and compel them to write a story or conduct an interview.

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